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Noise surveys are conducted to determine compliance with OSHA regulations and whether engineering controls are feasible to reduce noise levels. All sound measurements are made in accordance with the procedures set forth by the American National Standards Institute standard METHODS FOR THE MEASUREMENTS OF SOUND PRESSURE LEVELS S1.13 - 1971 (R1976) . Three types of instruments may be used in noise measurements. The situations(s) dictate the type of instrumentation to be used. All equipment is Class I (precision) sound measuring equipment. The instruments are:

  • Sound Level Meter
  • Dosimeters
  • Dataloggers

Our equipment is Quest Noise Pro DL=s Dosimeters and the new QC10 Calibrator. All equipment is calibrated before and after each series of measurements. The calibrator is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards and compared to another such calibrator to assure that there is no drift.

A written report describing the outcome of the noise survey is prepared by an associate certified in Industrial Monitoring.

Noise studies are made on an hourly basis but include a "not to exceed" limit based on the initial estimate. These jobs are billed at an hourly rate for consulting time and measurement time. Travel time is billed at a reduced rate. There is always a chance that unexpected developments may require an increased budget to complete the job properly. Clients are informed immediately if this occurs.

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