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Annual audiometric testing as required by OSHA (Hearing Conservation Amendment - OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95) is provided in the following manner. A mobile testing unit will arrive on your plant site and properly qualified (CAOHC certified) personnel test each shift. We take a pertinent health history, perform an otoscopic (ear) examination, and do a hearing test for each of your employees.

This is a report for management which provides records reviewed by a licensed Doctorate Audiologist who can be seen for audiological evaluations regarding Standard Threshold Shifts.

  • Appropriate documentation regarding testing environment and protocol.
  • Hearing test results corrected for age.
  • Whether a Standard Threshold Shift is present.
  • The type of follow-up which is necessary for each employee.
  • Items covered during the Employee Education portion of the Hearing Test
  • Each employee signs off on the management report


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