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Pulmonary Function Testing is in accordance with the Cotton Dust Standard 29 CFR 1910.1043 . Specifically, our personnel have attended a NIOSH approved spirometry course. They perform the breathing tests before your employees enter the workplace and do a post cotton dust exposure test after the employees have been in the workplace for at least four hours. The pulmonary questionnaire is completed for each employee. The results are interpreted by a physician. A written report is issued to your company which includes:

  • Appropriate employee information.
  • Results of pulmonary function testing utilizing appropriate correction factors and data calculations.
  • The type of follow-up which is necessary.

This report is issued so that the employee can "sign off" and can be copied while the original can be retained for the employee's file. The original tests and completed questionnaire's are sent to you so you have them to refer if needed. Our medical director, Dr. F. Kevin Young, is available for on-site work-ups. This medical evaluation is required for individuals that have problematic spirometry results.

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